Travel Insurance in Europe Tips

A comprehensive travel insurance plan should include coverage for trip interruption, delay and cancellation, medical expenses and emergency medical transportation, loss and damage to baggage, and a toll-free 24-hour travel assistance hotline.

Read the policy carefully, check the fine print to know what is covered, and ask if swine flu cover is included.

Travel Insurance Tips

Weigh carefully any travel protection offered directly by a tour operator or travel supplier. A comprehensive third-party travel insurance plan will cover your travel investment in the event of a travel carrier's (airline, cruise line or tour operator) financial demise.

Extensive weather and security delays can impact travel itineraries and baggage. Travellers should look for coverage of delayed baggage and travel delays when considering any travel insurance plan.

For Single Trip consider these comparison sites:

  1. Money Supermarket
  3. Square Mouth

For Annual Trips or Special cases (over 65 etc) try these:

  1. Single person annual cover
  2. Family annual cover
  3. Over 65 annual travel insurance
  4. 70 - 74 annual travel insurance
  5. Over 74 to 80 annual travel insurance
  6. Over 80 annual travel insurance

Above 75, the cost of travel insurance really goes up, so if you're just staying in Europe you should consider getting a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), at any Post Office, call 0845 606 2030, or online. Then add the EHICPlus insurance which has no age limit and costs around £40 for an individual over 70, or £60 for a couple.Itíll cover any costs you incur for treatment when using the EHIC card in a State-run hospital, plus private ambulances and medication costs.
Thus, should the worst happen, you must insist you're taken to a state hospital not a private clinic. The rest of its cover is on a par with similar policies, with baggage, cancellation, curtailment & repatriation cover offered as standard.